Fun fact, this company was named Melian Photography because Melian stands for "Dear Gift" in Elvish. While I am just a bit nerdy...okay maybe a goal is to provide you and your loved ones with beautiful pictures that capture your story. That means the real moments: the moments that take your breath away, the ones that you'll print to hang on your walls and share with your family and friends, the ones that represent the real you and your story.

A fact you may not know about me: I am a trained and licensed Social Worker in the State of Michigan. My educational background and experiences in the mental health field have instilled in me a deep sense of wanting to capture connections between people. My background also helps me help you; whether we have to do some deep breathing exercises because your cake wasn't delivered, or you just need a calming word during your session, that's what I'm there for!

I believe in getting to know each and every client I work with. If you're into capturing photos that are as real as you are, and you'd like to make a new friend in the process, go ahead and fill out my contact form. I can't wait to meet you over a cup of coffee and talk about how we can work together!  ​

Some completely random facts to leave you with:

  •  My favorite store is Trader Joe's (my husband would say Amazon with all the packages we get, but my favorite physical box store is definitely TJs!)
  • My favorite items from TJ's are the Cookie Butter (crunchy!), their chocolate dipped chocolate chip dunker cookies, and their black pepper pistachios
  • My favorite series is the Harry Potter books as I firmly believe pretty much every life lesson exists between the covers of those amazing treasures!
  • My bucket list item that I got to cross off this year was...drum roll please... shooting the cover of a novel (my photo will be used as the cover)! I'm also hoping to cross off Skydiving, but we'll see on that one!
  • My favorite vacation destination thus far is a tie between the Highlands in Scotland and anywhere in Ireland (literally anywhere, but finding castles in random fields was the best!). Did you know that I offer huge discounts on destination weddings and elopements? Well I do, please take me with you to capture your adventures!
Silver Lake Wedding Photographer


Bridget & Joey

“Kara is a true professional. She has done my engagement pictures and then this weekend did my wedding pictures. I cannot even describe the beauty that she captures of a moment. Not only do her pictures come out unbelievable, but she makes the process of getting them easy. She helped my day be stress free and easy. I would recommend Kara for any and all photography needs.”

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