The Greene wedding

The Ballroom at CityFlatsHotel in Port Huron is seriously one of the most beautiful and unique places I've shot at; being converted from an old Bank left us with literally the perfect spot to take pictures...the old bank vault!!! Even though I know that it had to have been picked through many years ago, you better believe that I was opening up old safety deposit boxes trying to find treasure before this ceremony started. No, I did not find anything unfortunately more than a few dust bunnies and lots of rust, oh and a newfound appreciation for banks and the need for me to shoot in their vaults!

The details of this wedding were stunning and so were all of the people in attendance; and I may have shed a tear or two when the groom placed a letter to his bride in the safety deposit box with their wedding date on it. Swoon. I love when couples exchange letters and I get to capture that moment; it's always just so heartfelt and genuine and what a good way to express your excitement and love to your partner prior to your ceremony. This groom was also one of the most stylish that I've encountered, with a paisley lining in his jacket, to the ridiculously cool watches that they picked out for the groomsmen, this couple didn't forget a single thing!

With a white and green color scheme and bringing that into a venue such as this, I'm always just reminded of the beautiful complement that nature's greenery can bring into a classic space. I had so much fun dancing through the night with this couple and these guests that I woke up so sore the next day that I had to take one of the longest and hottest baths of my life. I don't care if I'm getting old, I'm never hanging up my boogie shoes ladies and gents! So yes, if you have me at your wedding, you better believe I'm going to be right there with you dancing and trying not to hit you with my swinging cameras ;-)!

Second Shot for Samm Oz with Oracle Visuals Photography